Calendar Girls – Still standing tall after earthquakes
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Application/s: New Foundations
Location: Christchurch
Main Contractor: Piletech
Completed: Sep 2009
Cost: under $100k
In 2009 Piletech was contracted to install piles for the new Calendar Girls gentleman’s club in Christchurch. A total of 18 screw piles were installed to depths between 8.2m and 10.5m.
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A devastating earthquake of 6.3  magnitude struck Christchurch on 22nd of February 2011, which rendered a large area of the city as a ‘red zone’ for months completely restricting access to the public whilst demolition took place.

The new Calendar Girls stood as a ray of light amongst the rubble. Screw piles and Piletech’s design had proven themselves in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

Calendar Girls was structurally undamaged and, but for the damage to the rest of the city, would have remained open for business.