Kings Wharf
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Application/s: Anchoring
Location: Wellington
Main Contractor: Brian Perry Civil
Completed: Apr 2016
Cost: $200k

Steel screw piles can’t work in a marine environment because of corrosion, right? Wrong!

CentrePort were looking to upgrade the King's Wharf in Wellington, to allow larger ships to dock larger ships. Their solution was to retrofit screw piles in a “push-pull” mechanism to counteract the large lateral loads.
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However installing screw piles within a slim positional tolerance had its difficulties, particularly when installing the pile in a single 24m length section of pile.  This was a new working environment for Piletech – but the challenges were met with sound planning.  Using a mobile crane to stand the pile upright, the 35T excavator then wound the pile into position.

Extreme corrosion in a marine environment was a special consideration in the design – however this was limited by only the outer surface being exposed, and making additional allowances for corrosion which was approved by Holmes Consulting.  Piletech's design team then proceeded to provide an alternative to the outer fender – a 600mm diameter bored pile.  The innovative design pushed the boundaries of screw piles in their normal application showing Piletech’s commitment to being “better every day”.

"This project is a fantastic example of us working better, together," says Piletech Manager James Wood. "By combining Brian Perry and Piletech, we developed a unique value proposition that the customer, CentrePort, certainly valued," says Piletech Manager James Wood.