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SCIRT Pump Stations  With the rebuild of Christchurch’s sewer lines well underway, Piletech has been involved in a large number of pump station projects. These have generally required an average pile depth of 20+ metres below ground level. Piletech has worked with SCIRT throughout the design >
Completed: In Progress
Location: Christchurch
Application: New Foundations
Mangahewa - MEC  Having worked on previous stages with both Worley Parsons and Toddy Energy – Piletech were engaged in an Early Contractor Involvement to help understand the ground risk, and complete the most efficient design. However with a live high pressure methane line running adjacent >
Completed: No Date Specified
Location: Mangahewa
Application: New Foundations
Kariotahi Retaining Wall “ Remote location not a problem  Kariotahi was a project requiring the retaining of a country road at the base of the Awhitu Peninsula. The project involved installing the 36 anchors and performing a load test prior to walers being installed. The site was approximately an hour from Auckland in an area of >
Completed: Jul 2005
Location: Auckland
Application: Anchoring
Papanui Substation  Piletech were contracted to design, supply and install 32 piles to support the new switch-room building at Papanui Substation. Piles were installed into dense gravels at a depth of 18m, with a very consistent founding depth across the building footprint. Following the >
Completed: Mar 2009
Location: Christchurch
Application: New Foundations / Existing Structures
Calendar Girls “ Still standing tall after earthquakes  In 2009 Piletech was contracted to install piles for the new Calendar Girls gentleman’s club in Christchurch. A total of 18 screw piles were installed to depths between 8.2m and 10.5m. A devastating earthquake of 6.3  magnitude struck Christchurch on 22nd of >
Completed: Sep 2009
Location: Christchurch
Application: New Foundations
St Andrew’s College “ Preparatory school standing proud  In April 2010, Piletech completed piling work on the St Andrew’s College Preparatory School building in Merivale, Christchurch. Piles were installed to depths of 14m – 17m below ground level into a dense founding layer and Mainzeal proceeded with construction of the >
Completed: Apr 2010
Location: Christchurch
Application: New Foundations