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Imperial Tobacco - Screw piles bring building up to current earthquake standards  This refurbishment of an unused warehouse to be converted into offices and a gym area called for the installation of screw piles to bring the existing building up to current earthquake >
Completed: May 2012
Location: Wellington
Application: Existing Structures
Mainfreight Wellington   Piletech was approached by the design consultants for this project to develop a screw pile solution for the foundations of Mainfreight’s new office and freight terminal on the Wellington waterfront, adjacent to Centreport and Westpac Stadium.  Piles were >
Completed: Dec 2010
Location: Wellington
Application: New Foundations
Kings Wharf  CentrePort were looking to upgrade the King's Wharf in Wellington, to allow larger ships to dock larger ships. Their solution was to retrofit screw piles in a “push-pull” mechanism to counteract the large lateral loads. However installing screw piles >
Completed: Apr 2016
Location: Wellington
Application: Anchoring
Ryman Tauranga - Fast installation equals earlier revenue generation  To optimize the construction program, a solution utilising precast ground beams was formulated whereby the buildings were completed earlier to enable the client to occupy them. Construction of this foundation system was technically difficult using conventional piling >
Completed: Jun 2011
Location: Tauranga
Application: New Foundations
Mangahewa Expansion Train  Piletech was approached by Transfield Worley in May 2012 to investigate the use of screw piles for Todd Energy's Mangahewa Expansion Train 2 project at their Mangahewa plant in Taranaki.  Piletech worked closely with Transfield Worley's design team from an >
Completed: Jan 2013
Location: Taranaki
Application: New Foundations
Henderson - Otahuhu Transmission Tower Upgrades  The earthquake strengthening of New Zealand’s buildings and infrastructure is an on-going process, and Transpower’s transmission pylons linking Northland to the national grid are no exception. New corbels were required on a number of towers and Piletech was >
Completed: Aug 2013
Location: Six Sites from Otahuhu to Avondale, Auckland
Application: Existing Structures