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132 Halsey Street Temporary Works  132 Halsey Street is a premium apartment complex under construction in Auckland’s rapidly growing Wynyard Quarter. Haydn & Rollett is delivering the development on behalf of Willis Bond & Co. A significant sheet pile retaining wall was required to excavate the >
Completed: Dec 2016
Location: Auckland
Application: New Foundations
Auckland International Airport Ltd - PIER When Main Contractors were tendering the work for Pier B they were told by AIAL they had less than a year to complete the structure, and it wasn’t yet designed!  Hawkins told their client that if they wanted any realistic chance of achieving such a lofty goal – >
Completed: Sep 2016
Location: Auckland
Application: New Foundations
Piletech holds down the trench at Kirkbride  Anyone who has tried to get to the Auckland Airport at peak time has likely encountered heavy congestion.  So when the New Zealand Transport Agency were looking at options for the $146M grade separation of Kirkbride Road – Piletech’s screw piles offered a unique >
Completed: Jun 2016
Location: Auckland
Application: New Foundations
Kings Wharf  CentrePort were looking to upgrade the King's Wharf in Wellington, to allow larger ships to dock larger ships. Their solution was to retrofit screw piles in a “push-pull” mechanism to counteract the large lateral loads. However installing screw piles >
Completed: Apr 2016
Location: Wellington
Application: Anchoring
Atlas Quarter  With a vision to bring people back into central Christchurch following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, Fletcher Living agreed a partnership with MBIE (Ministry for Building Innovation and Employment in New Zealand) to redevelop the old Atlas Foundry in Welles Street, close to >
Completed: Mar 2016
Location: Christchurch
Application: New Foundations
Federal Street Crane Base  As Auckland’s skyline bustles with numerous tower cranes few people will understand the intricate design dilemmas that need to be balanced with constructability… and sometimes removability! With precise loads and deflection criteria, not just any foundation solution >
Completed: Dec 2015
Location: Auckland
Application: New Foundations