Why Piletech?

Piletech are the only company in Australasia that offers a complete screw pile design, supply and installation service.

We lead the industry in developing best practice around procurement of materials, design, and manufacture, and then sign-off of the product on site.

Piletech’s position as the market leader in New Zealand has been proven by the outstanding performance of Piletech screw-piled structures in the Canterbury Earthquakes.

A Unique Offering:

  • An established and trusted brand.
  • Proven Screw Pile performance.
  • A team of several IPENZ Chartered Engineers
  • Over a decade of specialist screw pile design and installation experience.
  • New Zealand application expertise: our research and testing includes over 400 sustained static load tests in New Zealand soils
  • Use of True Helix in all of our piles
  • Bespoke manufacturing at our Christchurch or Hamilton plants
  • ISO9001 accreditation

Value with any delivery model

Whether you select an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Preferred Contractor, or a Nominated Subcontractor model, we’ll ensure you get value for money:

  • Quoting and estimating
    We have an experienced team of engineers that can provide you with varying degrees of costing detail:
    • Rough order cost estimates that are based on previous experiences
    • Detailed estimates based on a higher level of documentation
    • Contractual offers of Tender
  • Why leave your foundations to chance?
    Piles are specifically designed to suit the soil conditions and structural requirements of your project. All Piletech designs are signed-off by one of our Chartered Professional Engineers in accordance with Piling Standard AS 2159-2009 and the New Zealand Building Code, Best Practice Guidelines and our Screw Pile Specification (PDF 139 KB).
  • Best Prices on Materials: Indented Stock and Local Manufacture
    Our piles are manufactured locally in Hamilton and Christchurch, keeping transport costs down.
    We indent large volumes of steel directly from the steel mills, ensuring we get the best possible prices.
  • Speed of Mobilisation
    We carry significant stock which allows us to react quickly and start your project sooner.
    Piles can be pre-manufactured and load tested prior to project commencement.
    Our teams are nimble and can mobilise to any part of NZ with short notice.

Industry-best quality standards

Piletech piles are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, providing a foundation system that you can trust. Here’s why:

  • Pile shafts are manufactured and tested in accordance with the American Standard API 5L, as used by the oil and gas industry.
  • True helices are cut, pressed and welded onto shafts in a controlled workshop by qualified welders.
  • Piles are installed by experienced crews. All site splicing is undertaken by qualified welders using pre-approved welding procedures.
  • Each pile is individually signed-off by a specialised Chartered Professional Engineer experienced in screw piling.